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Hold me to this: I finally have no excuse not to read Valiant Comics


"This is a guided tour of what makes Valiant tick in 2017," Simons continued. "And it could very well be one of the most important jumping-on points we’ve produced to date.”

Story from Newsarama

I always feel bad that I don't read anything from Valiant: they seem like the same kind of thing as Marvel/DC, just with far less baggage attached. They're a big universe with a lot of things happening all over, which is something I enjoy, it's just hard to find a place to jump in.

Well, Divinity #0 will be out August 16, and that's not just a good starting point, but one that covers the Valiant Universe as a whole, not just a small corner of it.

So, keep me honest and hold me to this: I will be giving Valiant another shot.

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