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Stuff: A Collection of Shorts Review

Stuff: A Collection of Shorts Review

Stuff is…well, quite aptly named. It's a collection of short comics, and almost comes across more as a portfolio than a comic. Enough setup; let's jump in.

Three of them are very abstract. Am I Broken?, the first, is all abstract visuals with words somewhere between prose and poetry, and Galaxia Apparatus and Dreamscape I: Nightmare are similar, "dreamscape" comics. Am I Broken? felt too familiar, having fought depression most my life, but even then, I wasn't particularly into these stories. It's a matter of personal preference. I'm the worst judge of abstract comics because they aren't my thing.

There's a jarring transition between Am I Broken? to Gas, which comes with the territory of short story collections. Even with the page introducing the comic, I completely misread the tone of Gas. It might have helped to have colors, which would've made it clearer that this is a much lighter comic. It's short and has a jarring ending, but in a true show of immaturity, I can't not love a comic about the consequences of farting in space.

Enough of the rough parts - let's talk about Love is Undead, which gives us Ted from the cover. This is the first six pages of a webcomic (which seems to exist only on Patreon right now), which I want to get more into, but I have to wait for more to be made. Ted is a high schooler who was turned into a zombie because he broke a girl's heart. I thought I knew what to expect, then his mother yells at him for making them all worried that he'd died, and she won't believe that he's a zombie. We're not past setting up the premise, but with that sense of humor, I'm already convinced.

I know, of all the things in Stuff, I'm most drawn to the straightforward jokey comic about a zombie, but it's what I like. It's a little rough, like you would expect from someone who admits to not having much experience making comics, but I like what I've seen so far.

Now, just waiting on more pages of Love is Undead to come out...

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